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Poster: tom w. Date: Aug 22, 2004 4:35pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: People over Goverment

it is time someone said it, and i thank you. the word anarchy has become so stigmatized and misunderstood that to use it is to imply chaos, destruction and savagery. but its not that at all.
anarchy addresses the internal, deeper laws which govern all men: the laws of the free spirit, the laws of self-defense, and the laws of community and family (however one chooses to define the word.)

the principles of anarchy are seen throughout the history of human struggles. one can argue over what the leaders had in mind when they organized their armies for wars and revolutions, but the convictions of the people are never in doubt. people volunteer for wars and are willing to sacrifice their lives for a better life, not just for themselves but for their fellow man. the realities of why wars and revolutions were organized by leaders such as our fore fathers or abraham lincoln, or fidel castro, or jfk, or bush or osama bin laden, can be debated forever. but everyone knows why the soldiers went to war. however right or wrong the cause is in reality, the fighters believe that their actions will protect the lives of their families and help the lives of other, even people they've never met. the willingness to sacrifice ones own life for others is in the heart of every warrior since the beginning of time. the only reason unjust wars are ever fought is because soldiers are deceied about the consequences of the proclaimed cause and hidden alterior motives.

national identities are so often based on some differentiating quality. the leaders of nations are always telling the people whats different and better about their own country, and soon enough the people of one nation cannot concieve of having a common goal with a foriegn culture or an "enemy." this is evident in times when the people are confronting their own government, for the fight is to "take back the country" not to take back control of our lives. the reality is that the people who fought under the banners of communism, or capitalism, of the allies or the axis, of isreal or palestine, all had a common goal and interest.

anarchy describes this willingness to fight for the true needs of the spirit of mankind, despite boarders, politics or morals. anarchy is grassroots and localized movements of people setting their needs over that of the government. anrchy is not chaotic anymore than the world we see on television today is. anarchy is not a political philosophy, it is a natural tendency embedded in man and his history for the freedom of the spirit. anarchy does not renounce all authority. organized efforts to prevent violence and coersion against people is necessary; anarchy is not vigilante justice. anarchy does demand that authority justify itself and its power and is not self-contained, but interactive with those it governs. and anarchy has nothing to do with fascism.

most intellectuals and political elites will have us believe that the everyday joe cant take care of himself without their guidance. that we need them, that "the masses are asses." bullshit, if this were the case then the popular modern governemnts which are based on the needs of the people, like democracy or socialism, would not be so compelling. if this were the case, monarchies, dictatorships and the like would be more commonplace. the fact is government needs us way more than we need it.

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Poster: cashel Date: Aug 22, 2004 9:40pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: people need help

What would happen if Anarchy was introduced in our countries? How would our police forces change? Would all of our present laws be abolished? Whether it is USA, Australia,etc ,I know that there are millions ofpeople who need help and are NOT getting it. EXAMPLES 1 people caring for an invalid family member 2 unemployed people caringfor and educating children 3 people adicted to drugs or alcohol or suffering mental illness AND the list could go on and on.

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Poster: tom w. Date: Aug 23, 2004 5:49am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: people need help

anarchy isnt some program or political philosophy that is introduced to shape our lives. its a historical tendency for people to make their voices heard on political, social, and economic questions that affect their lives. it is resistance to any form of authority that attempts to tell people where, how or with who they should live. the only functions all governments through the history of time have had in common are (1) prevent and prosecute violent acts and (2) the coercion of the people. all the rest is inconsistent and changes with time and culture. and of course you need laws and the enforcers of laws to provide these functions.

there are no easy answers to what society would look like if the people of the world really rose up against institutional poverty, institutional racism, sexism, and classism, militarism, and all the other social ills that seem to be embedded in our worlds. some say they way to go is to get away from the ideas and identities as nations, and move toward the ideas and identities as communities, where people know each other and have some commonality. i really dont feel that as a new yorker, i'm more compatible or similar to someone in california rather than someone in toronto, just because california is in america.

i think there is evidence that the problems you cited (drugs, miseducation, mental illness, unemployment) are better dealt with through close personal interactions and interventions. ex. drugs: family and community work better than prisons; education: tutors work better than "tracking" and being held back a grade; mental illness: professional caregivers and family (often) work better than medications and asylums.

smaller, more local grassroots organizations have been better at dealing with such problems than huge national programs or industries that deal with hundreds of thousands of cases as if they are all the same and can be fixed the same way.

people need help, yes. but the best givers of help are also people